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NIEM Patna, Bihar's First and Best Event Management Institute. It was launched to zater to the growing needs of the huge multi-dimensioned Event Management Industry in Bihar.

Event Management is done at a very huge scale in Bihar. We have huge political events, Government events, Festivals, Social events, Mahotsav, etc. But when Ms. Priyanka Singh an Alumni of NIEM, event management institute Pune shifted to Patna from Mumbai and faced difficulties and struggled to execute a quality event, she failed each time. Something was lacking in the multi-crore Event Market of Bihar in this field, and her research showed that there was no formalized education to teach Event Management. Event management companies are mushrooming in Bihar but with no quality and a lack of trained event personnel. Companies found that their executives lacked the expertise to handle events, and hence a growing need was left, to have formalized training in Event Management. Therefore, this gave birth to NIEM Patna to teach Event Management, which readily got overwhelming support from the Media (Print & Satellite) Event Industry, Entertainment Industry, students, and Government.

NIEM Patna was launched in 2017 by the Minister of Industry, Bihar - Shri Jai Kumar Singh, is the first Event Management institute in Bihar & Jharkhand to promote Event Education and entrepreneurship.

It was started with an aim to:-

Produce trained and qualified work force for the event and entertainment industry in Bihar. Create a new class of Event Managers, Event Co-ordinators and Consultants. To bring Bihar on a higher footing in the Events Industry. To constructively utilize the talents of our youngsters towards one of the fastest growing industry. (It grows at 30%)

NIEM Patna has already made its mark in the world of Event Management education in Bihar in just few months . In recent years, Bihar has very encouragingly changed its face in its socio-politico-economic dynamics. However, Bihar has been still lagging far behind in educational attainment. Much remains to be achieved particularly in technical and management education sector, remove the gap in the word particularly.

Keeping this in mind, we are determined to provide excellent quality of event education at the Under Graduate & Post Graduate level. This will prove itself as a pace setter for the students to find prosperous career in the event management and entertainment industry.

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