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Exciting Career Opportunities After Event Management Course

Managing an event is similar to managing a project. It can range from concerts and Olympics to birthday and wedding parties. An event manager needs to oversee these things to let everything run smoothly. With brand building, event designing, marketing, and some other skills, you can choose event management as your career. Register with an event management program to get trained as a manager. But, what are career options after pursuing a course on event management?

Sporting Event Manager

National, regional, and international sporting events can grab the attention of a large audience. As a manager, you need to manage everything in the sports events efficiently. The most common tasks of sporting managers are

  • Bid for sports events
  • Provide hospitality services to clients and sponsors
  • Communicate with broadcasters
  • Recruit volunteer
  • Identify the right venue and collaborate with staff
  • Negotiate contracts with sponsors and vendors
  • Coordinate with local community leaders
  • Respond to emergencies and adverse weather
  • Arrange a parking space for attendees

You can learn more about your responsibilities from event management courses.

Venue Manager

Venue management is another domain where you can show your skills and build your career. You must have solid knowledge and technical skills to become an efficient venue manager. Moreover, you will find opportunities to work in theatres, hotels, and other outdoor sites. You have to manage venue bookings and different activities in the event. Other staff members will be under your control. Thus, you have to nurture your leadership skills and problem-solving abilities. It is also essential to prepare venue hire pricing options to negotiate with clients.

Catering Service Managers

With skills and knowledge gained from full-time event management courses, you can apply for a job as a catering service manager. As a catering manager, you have to consult with your customers to identify their catering needs. You can supervise catering staff and coordinate food preparation activities during events. It is also essential to arrange catering equipment and food transportation services. Other common tasks include price negotiation, catering order preparation, and supervision of catering staff. You should also check the stock to prevent issues with catering services.

Staff Coordinator- 

As you have pursued a course on event management, you can become a staff coordinator. Take care of logistics and encourage staff to become more productive. You have to analyse staffing needs and the company’s operations. You can also assist in candidate recruitment and screening procedures. It is also important to comply with strategies, regulations, and policies.

The best staff coordinators smoothly coordinate with the HR department’s staff. They assume responsibilities for time-off and timekeeping requests. They also create and submit reports on different staffing tasks.

You can choose any of these career paths with your event management skills. This field is highly interesting, as you will get a chance to attend international festivals and events. Focus on feedback from your clients and try to provide better services. It is the best approach to gaining a higher reputation in the event management industry.

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