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Career Opportunities, Jobs, And Details For MBAs In Event Management

A Master of Business Administration in event management or event management MBA in Pune is a two-year postgraduate degree that prepares students to create, organize, and execute a wide range of events, including award ceremonies, political rallies, fashion displays, and official events.

There are several options for students interested in event planning, including certificate programs and further study beyond high school. An event management MBA in Mumbai often requires students to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a minimum of 50 per cent average before enrolling.

Career Opportunities For MBA In Event Management:

An MBA in event management is a cutting-edge speciality in the ever-evolving field of management.

  • Students that are interested in working in the advertising or entertainment industries find this program to be very beneficial.
  • It’s not only an MBA in event management that’s available to those interested in the field; there are also online event management courses, free event management courses, a diploma in event management, and a bachelor of business administration in event management.
  • A master’s degree in event management may open doors to higher-level professions such as senior event manager, general event organizer, project management director, or senior project manager.
  • Hotels, catering services, private parties, public functions, IT firms, manufacturing firms, the media, and public administration all hire MBAs with a focus on event management.
  • Glassdoor reports that entry-level government employees with an MBA in event management may earn salaries of up to INR 8,00,000 annually.
  • MBA grads may make as much as $ 10,000,000 per year in the private sector.

Qualifications For An MBA In Event Management:

Full-time MBA programs in Event Management typically last for 2 years, and applicants must meet the following standards to be admitted:

  • A bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) from an accredited institution, with a grade point average (GPA) of at least 4.0 (or 50%).
  • Final-year students may apply as well, but they’ll need to score at least 50% on their exams and pass the entrance exams to get admitted.
  • Pass the admissions test (MAT, CAT, or XAT) to be considered.

What Are The Subjects You Have To Study In An Event Management Course?

All event management MBAs in Mumbai should cover the following topics. Nearly every school offers at least one of these standard majors.

  • Choices In Economics And Management

If you study economics, you can utilize the tools you learn to make better choices that will benefit you financially.

  • The Methodology Based On The Collection Of Qualitative Data

Acquiring knowledge of qualitative research methods to provide superior assistance.

  • Ability To Communicate And Negotiate Effectively In Business

Gain experience interacting with and persuading visitors and paying customers.

  • Behavior In Groups

Workplace behavior problems may arise in every company, and it’s important to be able to see them.

  • Leadership In Marketing

Find ways to advertise your company and boost sales by reading up on marketing strategies.

  • Database Management Systems

Find out how the higher-ups in your organization get the word out to everyone on the team.

  • Accounting Finances

Fundamentals of financial accounting are used for generating event budgets and reports.

  • Statistics And Research Methods

Master the art of using statistical methods to generate data from massive databases.

  • Management Of Human Resources

Organizational management for all personnel taking part in a planned activity.

An MBA in Event Management is a post-graduate program that prepares students to create, promote, and execute successful business events. Weddings, festivals, corporate and sports events, concerts, exhibits, fairs, conferences, and so on are just some of the many types of events that the event management MBA in Pune is structured to teach students how to organize effectively.

A master’s degree in event management may bring together disparate facets of the tourism, leisure, hospitality, and planning industries. Having a firm grasp of the ideas connected to budgeting, HRM, marketing, and finance is essential. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with NIEM India for further details!

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