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How to Become a Successful & Certified Event Planner?

The Event Industry is a competitive industry. In this industry setting a benchmark in the field of event management by becoming an event planner is a classy idea. Very few people are aware that an event planner that is certified gets more weightage in the industry. Getting a certification proves a person’s dedication towards the job, further it opens doors to pick up new skills that would make the work easier and at the same time opens new doors of opportunity for the person. There are many institutes such as the institute of event management Mumbai that offer courses for people who are willing to take this profession to the next level. In this article, we are going to tell you the steps to become a successful and certified event planner. 


When you decide of becoming an event planner the first and foremost thing that is required is that the applicant should have the required work experience along with the skills in the field of event management to pursue event management study. However different institutes have different requirements this is the only criterion that is the same for almost all institutes. Students who have the required work experience should create a portfolio that showcases their work. They can showcase their work through brochures, photos, and invitations to the event. They can acquire the skills required by taking up an international event management course from any of the renowned institutes.

Steps of Becoming an Event Planner 

  • Make A Portfolio

Students who wish to take up an international event management course need to prepare a portfolio that showcases their experience in the form of a brochure, photos, and invitation cards of events. It’s important that you prepare a visual presentation for people who would like to see and analyze your work. It works better than written documents. 

  • Take UP A Course

The best way to become a certified event planner is to take up a professional course. It helps in equipping a person with the required skills that are necessary to become a certified event planner. You can take up a course from the institute of event management in Mumbai.

  • Volunteer in An Event– 

People need to volunteer caterers, florists, at nonprofit organizations. They can also work for a certified event planner and volunteer in an event. 

  • Make A Plan- 

People who need to become a successful event planner need to have a plan in hand. They can take the help of Google’s an event planning business plan to make a detailed business plan. Once the plan is ready, they need to create a name for the business and not forget to register the name. 

  • Make a Budget– 

The first thing that is required to become a successful event planner is money. People who need to make a mark in the event industry need to invest to make a successful business. Event management study can help them calculate and make a proper budget for their business.

  • Promote Yourself As A Event Planner-  

It is important to introduce yourself to the market to get work. Therefore, people who wish to become successful in the field of event management can promote their work through websites, social media accounts, and distributing business cards to prospective clients. This will help in spreading their and their business name around and make them known. They can hire a professional developer to build a website that represents their portfolio or their company details or else they can also build the website on their own. 

  • Create your Own Network- 

Networking is as important as is certification. The work of an event planner is not the work of a loner. It requires teamwork. Therefore, it is important that people who are walking towards becoming an event planner in the near future start developing a network of their own. This network not just includes contact of prospective clients but also includes caterers, photographers, florists, along with entertainers such as bands, and musicians. 


To conclude it can be said that to become an event planner the first and foremost thing that is required are skills, experience, and a certificate. It shows that the person who is heading to become an event planner is serious and committed to his work, it helps them aim for higher pay packages in big event management companies, and It also opens new doors of opportunity for people. People need to prepare a portfolio that reflects their work experience, make a plan, and promote their business through websites and social sites to get known and start creating a strong network comprising of prospective clients, florists, photographers, caterers, and entertainers who will help them plan an event successfully. 

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