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Event Management – A Booming Industry

The purpose of project management is the formation and development of events, conferences, and festivals. Event management deals with the study of brand, identification of target audience, planning the logistics, preparing the event concept and coordinating the technical aspects, before actually executing the modalities of the proposed event. All this is known as Event Management in the industry. The guarantee of the return on investment and post event analysis has become the important drivers for the event industry.It requires lot of effort and hard work to organize an event; it’s not a child play to make one event successful. The various types of events can be classified in four sectors. First being a leisure event that includes sport, recreation, fashion events, media events, musical events etc. Second is, cultural events that relates to art, ceremonies, heritage, religious events and folk events. Third category includes birthday’s events, anniversaries, weddings (a major sector in the Indian market) that are called as personal events. The last one is corporate events, which include commercial, exhibitions, trade fairs, events for charity, political events, sales, and product launch etc. There are several types of marketing and advertising strategies used to entice people to attend an event, and Event Marketing is one of them. Event types could include sports events, seminars, festivals, workshops, air shows, conventions, fundraisers, award functions, televised events etc. Event management is a booming industry and its wide spread exposure helps in giving them the superior edge as compared to other careers. This profession can actually help you earn good amount of money, moreover, if the event becomes successful, then event agency is able to establish them as a brand. Event Management works for public and private sector. Events in India are created and celebrated with joy. The importance of management is that once you hire the event manager your burden is like thin feather, as the major work like discipline, planning, organizing, securing and maintaining the specific objective of the events, are all handled by the event managers. It is the type of the events that describe the theme of the event. Nowadays theme events have dress code that request the guest to wear formal or depending on the dress code, the theme is finalized.However, Event Experience means many different things to different people in the event industry. In the other words, we can say that taking in of events into individual’s life styles by adding value to experience of the consumer’s idea by engaging rather than barge in, is event experience.