Our Guest Speakers

NIEM is Asia's First and Best Event Management Institute

A Glittering Galaxy of Guest Speakers whose workshop, charm only the students of NIEM.

  • Mr. Mohomed Morani (Director Cineyug) Spoke on Events abroad
  • Mr. Bharat Dabolkar (The Advertising Genuis) Spoke on Role of Advertising in Events
  • Mr. Devraj Sanyal (COO - Percept O'Mark) Spoke on General Event Management and how the NIEM course can help you.
  • Mr. Sanjay Lal (CEO - Percept 0'Mark) Spoke on Sponsorships and Event Management
  • Mr. Vivek Singh (M. D. Procam International) Spoke on International Sports Events organizing
  • Dr. Sandesh Mayekar (World Famous Dentist) Spoke on World Conferences
  • Dr. Rakesh Sinha (Famous Mind Therapist) Spoke on Motivation
  • Mr. Prasoon Pandey (Ad Personality) Spoke on Creative Ads.
  • Mr. Malvika Sanghvi (Editor - Sunday Review) Spoke on Events and Press
  • Mr. Rajnath Kamath (Vice - President Star T.V.) Spoke on Events on T.V. Channel
  • Mr. Hitesh Vakil (Director - Finance Zee T.V.)Spoke on T.V. Channel
  • Mr. Vincent Samuel (Director - Production - DNA) Spoke on Event Productionand Foreign Shows
  • Mr. Neville Mehta (CEO - Spec Events) Spoke on Events in Hotels
  • Ms. Supriya Gupta (Mumbai Head - Shadi Online) Spoke on Wedding Cordination
  • Mr. Bala Achari (Glamourages) Spoke on Party Coordination
  • Dr. T. D. Joseph (Head Events Sahara Samay Mumbai) Spoke on Television Events
  • Mr. Jamnadas Majethia Spoke on Television

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