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NIEM is Asia's First and Best Event Management Institute

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The course was started with an aim to:-

What the media has to say about NIEM being asia's best event college and Mr. & Ms. University as a limca book record holder read below:

  • 'Fa Femina MIss India Thanks NIEM' - Times of India
  • 'No Body can organize like NIEM' - Bombay Times
  • 'And rest assures, the institute isn't one of the many that springs up in every street corner, it has come in to existance as an autonomous body only after painstaking and detailed research in the field' - Bombay Times
  • 'Said the Event Manager of ZEE the students of NIEM were so good that its like ZEE-NIEM marriage and we will definitely work together in future' - Bombay Times
  • 'A programme that adds Power to your CV - Head Start' - Indian Express
  • 'Until now however,there was no streamlined churning out this breed (Event Managers). But with the recent operating of NIEM, students can now be professionally trained in this exciting feild' - Education Times
  • 'The newly set up NIEM will help students make a career in the billion dollar Industry' - The Financial Express
  • 'According to a study, DEM Graduates will draw 50 percent higher salary compared to a Management graduate' - Kaleidoscope - New Woman
  • 'A Premier world class Institute dedicated to Event Management called NIEM has been set up in Mumbai' - Asian Age
  • 'The Employment - Giving Diploma in Event Management. (translated from Hindi)' - Navbharat Times
  • 'In April 2000 NIEM was set up. It is considered to be on par with Event Management Institutes around the world'. 'It is very diffrent from other courses It is very interactive and a lot of emphasis is given on practical training. You learn a lot more than in other management courses'. The response entertainment industry has given NIEM is very encouraging' - Mid Day
  • 'With NIEM India is only the Fourth country in the world and the First in Asia to provide professional Event Management training' - Jam
  • 'A very important course in Event Management called NIEM has been established' - Loksatta
  • 'After joining NIEM a student can join any Event Co. And earn a good pay, meet important people, this way it has become a reputed course' - Gujarat Samachar
  • 'Film Fare thanks NIEM' - Film Fare
  • 'It was not until recently that event management industry was taken seriously in our country and no place offered formalised training in it,which NIEM does now' - Education Times
  • 'Dr Hoshi Bhiwandiwalla rightly called the Father of Event Management in India' - Mid Day
  • 'NIEM was the only institute to speak on Event Management on' - All India Radio - FM
  • 'Mr & Ms. University - A success story by NIEM students. Lucky are NIEM students that at this age they are handling a mega international event' - MID DAY
  • 'NIEM - your gateway to the exclusive world of events' - Education Times
  • 'Audience at the recently concluded NIEM event - Mr. & Ms. University were transported to an enchanting land of beauty, glamour and entertainment' - Education Times
  • 'NIEM - a story of excellence. The main credentials of NIEM are the brand name in event and educational circles and its foundations, which are based on research and involvement with the industry' - Education Times
  • 'NIEM signs historic international event study agreement. So impressed were the authorities of Regency with NIEM credentials that it was recommended for international tie-up' - Bombay Times
  • 'Admission to Asia's best event college NIEM organize National level events just for its students to get rich mega national level experience. NIEM students get easily placed and many form their event companies' - Bombay Times
  • 'Students of NIEM are the backbone of Mr. & Ms. University' - Bombay Times
  • 'Father of Event Management Dr. Hoshi Bhiwandiwala to address seminar in the city' - The Hyderabad Chronicle
  • 'We here about a new genre of professionals - the event managers - who are the key players in handling these events. But how many of us are actually aware of the person who popularised this term in india and has given event management a professional dimension? It was Dr. Hoshi Bhiwandiwala, Founder Dean & Director of NIEM in Mumbai, who has earned the epithet of the Father of Event Management in India.' - Hindustan Times - Kolkata

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