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7 Event Planning Careers for Aspiring Event Professionals

If you think you have what it takes to make it in the event industry, then you must opt for a professional event planning program. You must know that it takes more than just event planning skills to be in the event management industry. This industry is known to test your patience, stamina, level of stress tolerance, and everything else you have got to offer. Hence, it is important to do an event management study which will only prepare you for a career in event management. Today, after you have done an event management course in India there are various careers you can explore in this industry, here is a list of those careers for all you aspiring event professionals-

1. Event Planner- Event planners or event specialists are basically responsible for every aspect of event planning. They handle all aspects of an event be it internal or external. Before the day of the event, an event planner will arrange everything from logistics to technology to be able to have a flawless event. Event planners may do small-scale events to even large-scale events such as trade shows and fairs to big corporate conferences.  If you are a multitasker and a problem solver, then this career is for you.

2. Party planner- There are many people who simply love to host parties every now and then but need the professional help to be able to pull it off. This is usually because people lack time nowadays, this is where a party planner comes in.

3. Themed party planner- Don’t we all just love it a great theme party? Specialize and become a party planner who puts on the most amazing and gorgeous theme parties in the city.

4. Wedding Planner- Wedding planners have found fame in pop culture and all for good reason. Wedding planners specialize exclusively on planning weddings because weddings require a lot of work! After all, planning and organizing the most important day of another person’s life isn’t easy.

5. Field events manager- If you want to be fully involved in your work, then you must consider being a field events manager. This job will give you the right kind of exposure you are looking for. Here you can do loads of on-site work necessary to pull off the perfect event.

6. Restaurant and catering operations- Running restaurant operations is not the same as event planning, but both professions have a lot in common. You will have to keep things going smoothly on a daily basis and make sure everybody is doing their part.

7. PR for an event planning firm- If you are people’s person and you like writing, then working for an event company’s public relations department is the perfect job for you. Here you will be responsible for sending out press releases, help in finding sponsors, spreading the word about the event, etc.

If you are convinced to do an event management course, you must explore the various careers you could opt for.

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