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Are There Good Career Options For Girls In Event Management?

Many women work hard to balance their jobs and personal lives and to take care of their families. A pleasant and fulfilling profession is precious; for some people, event management may be that career.

The event sector has grown significantly during the past ten years. Event management and brand experiences go “hand in hand,” as the saying goes. Businesses are investing in the event’s idea after realising the advantages. In light of this, every successful company requires a well-oiled, coordinated events staff, and this is where one can profit from the current market trend.

Whether one wants to become a solopreneur, is at a turning point in their career, or is just ready to get back to work. The ideal job change and choice might be event management.

How many ladies understood precisely what sort of profession they would be enthusiastic about from the beginning? We promise that the number is relatively small.

If all goes according to plan, being an event manager will require commitment, but the benefits might be great for their career! Consider the 2015 Innocent Drinks – Unplugged event as an excellent illustration of a successful campaign that was designed and executed entirely by an internal team. That’s a significant selling point for the company as well as for each individual engaged, and it’s what one should strive for professionally. Aim high and be self-assured.

Are There Good Career Options For Girls In Event Management?

As we have observed over the years, gender stereotypes have always been a defining element when it comes to the majority of job alternatives, exceeding even the nature of the business, the skills required to be successful in a particular profession, or the age restriction. When we consider the various chances that millions of girls and women throughout the world have lost out on, adjectives like upsetting, unfair, and unjust spring to mind.

Similar to many other dynamic businesses, success in the event management sector depends solely on having the necessary skill set, carrying out plans, working well in a team, and being adaptable to ongoing change.

Gender, age, physical characteristics, and other deceptive factors are exactly that— factors. Although there is still a long way to go, advancement has unquestionably been achieved through event management MBA courses in Ahmedabad.

Today, women are in leadership positions at some of the world’s most important event management businesses, making a substantial contribution to the development of the event and entertainment sector as a whole.

So, if that doesn’t sufficiently address the question, here it is. Yes, girls and women interested in the sector should consider an event management career. There is no end to what the entrance of fresh talent and expertise may bring to the business thanks to fantastic learning opportunities, internships and industry projects, worldwide networking, and the digital and virtual world age.

Here are some of the top female event professionals working today who have revolutionised the sector:

  • Engage’s Priya Khosla
  • Shubhkamanaye’s Anita Makharia
  • Avant Events and Entertainment’s Tanya Sah
  • Banana Boat Entertainment Network’s Sucheta Shekar
  • Ank Concepts’ Komal Bhandari,
  • Kisses by Candlelight’s Ayushi Garg
  • Center Stage’s Manasa P. Kumar

Among many others who still act as a source of encouragement for aspiring female business owners today.

While we seek to empower women, may we also note that in order to do so, we must equally recognise the contribution of the male counterpart in fostering a more inclusive workplace where we value effort and skill and uplift and support one another. The emphasis is on developing a climate that promotes development, encourages the emergence of visionaries, and ultimately has a beneficial future influence on the events sector. Hence investment in the event management program in Ahmedabad is of utmost importance.

Organising an event is similar to directing a symphony; it requires complete accountability, fine-tuning one’s staff, and, most importantly, mastering their business instruments. The easiest way is to start with one and adopt a strategic approach to their objective. All ambitious women share a characteristic. They all put a lot of money into themselves. Successful women execute a strategy, stand up for it, and go above and beyond to achieve their goals. Niem India, institute of event management Ahmedabad, holds your hand and effectively walks you through this phase.

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