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Checklist for starting your own event planning business

Event planning is a stressful and challenging event, and you must invest in an event management program in Mumbai. Whether you chose to do it as a side hustle in high school or college, or are planning to take it up as a full-time or freelance business, you must do it right. They ensure that the event in question goes according to the client brief, and maintain all the detailed specifications as requested. With an event planning checklist at hand, you don’t forget important tasks while handling the party. You keep track of the delegations, as it’s impossible to handle everything all by yourself.

Now that you’ve set up your event planning business, you want the agenda, guest list, decorations, and snacks to be perfect. Read the article to know the steps needed to jumpstart your businesses, and be more successful with each project and client.

  • Marketresearch

Regardless of the kind of business that you’re aiming at, you must know whether the business is viable in the first place and its unique selling proposition. When you want people to have faith in you when you’re designing their events, you must demonstrate your expertise.

Apart from an undergraduate degree in hospitality, you should enroll in different events certification programmes from the best event management institute. This gives you experience while letting potential clients know that you know what you’re doing. Apart from general certifications in place, you want something specific to events. You could even check in with your local university or colleges to see if they offer relevant certification programmes or courses.

  • Choose the businessname

If you want to stand apart from your competitors, you must have the right name for your business. It should engage with your potential customers, be easy to pronounce and remember yet stand apart from the competitors in the market. People get stuck when they’re choosing their business name, but your name is always a great option to start with.

  • Design the businessplan

When you have formally begun the business as an event management programme in Mumbai, have a business plan set. It sets a layout for your business objectives and builds strategies for organizing and expanding the business. It also helps you present your best foot forward to the potential investors, as this answers questions such as the executive summary, industry analysis, breakdown of the key competitors, company overview, customer analysis, supporting documents (contracts, leases, marketing collateral, trademarks, and resumes) and plans (finances, management, operations, and marketing).

When writing the company overview, you must establish the kind of events that you’re focusing on. Though this may not last throughout your career, it’s a focus to start with it. Once you have the time, expertise, and resources, you can branch out to different kinds of events.

  • Invest in the rightsoftware

You can use different software for your event planning:

  1. Lead management, social media marketing, email marketing, customer relationship management, and market automation software to interact with present and future customers
  2. Collaboration, billing and invoicing, and budgeting software for efficient functions
  3. Project management or event management software to manage workflow, tasks, and people
  4. Cloud security, email security, and network security for information security
  5. Venue management, conference management, and mobile event applications to enhance the attendee experience at events
  • Register thebusiness

When you have decided upon the business structure, register the business using relevant business licenses. Check the city website if you want to know the complete procedure to register your brand. You must have sufficient financial backup to maintain a profitable budget, such as family and friends, banks, and self-finance.

  • Determine the legalstructure

Running a business requires the legal knowledge, whether you’re in a corporation, partnership or sole proprietor. As all of these have financial and legal complications, which is why speaking to an accountant

and lawyer is crucial. You must register the business with the federal and state government, along with checking the required permits and licenses to set up the banking account.

  • Create a website and domainname

Now that your business has a name, you must have a website that matches the original name. the website is the clients’ online home, where you share your story, process, portfolio, and services. Have social media accounts in place, commonly, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Congratulations! You have successfully begun the business. It is time to make it successful. If you’re looking for the best event management institute, please contact us at NIEM India.

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