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How to Handle Technical Issues During a Virtual Event?

Since we were all compelled to withdraw socially owing to the pandemic, virtual gatherings have essentially saved every business and event planner this past year. We have all learned the value of virtual events as a result of this forced shift, which is a silver lining. They can fit a lot of content, are highly cost-effective, and rapidly increase a brand’s reach. With a professional educational qualification from a recognized institute of event management Ahmedabad can make you prepared for all types of events.

The good news is that. Unfortunately, virtual events are dependent on technology. Your entire event may suffer if there are technical difficulties. Hence, here are the mistakes that need to be avoided for conducting a successful virtual event:

Avoiding Attendee Housekeeping

Many of the technical problems that arise are caused by attendees. They have trouble logging in, having access to their microphone or camera, or joining a breakout area. The majority of these technical problems can be avoided by simply explaining to your participants what they must be guided properly to participate in your event. You should post this information on your event website and in the event emails.

Ignoring The Usage Of Several Devices

The type of gadget that participants will use to interact with the event cannot possibly be known by the event organizer. You must adapt your presentations to fit screens of all sizes. This means that you shouldn’t jam too much content onto your slides because it needs to be large enough to read on even the tiniest screen. An excellent suggestion is to save all of your presentations as PDFs as well. These documents are simple for your participants to access later and are compatible with the majority of devices.

Poor Sound Quality  

Attendees won’t be expecting your event to be on par with a George Lucas movie. They won’t dislike you if you include some glitz, glamour, and special effects, but they won’t be happy if your sound is so bad, they can’t hear the information they specifically requested. It doesn’t have to be glitzy, glamorous, or filled with special effects. Make sure that you spend your money carefully in purchasing quality mics. Simply do some research to find out what microphones fall within your price range; they don’t have to be outrageously expensive.

Right Usage Of Wi-fi 

As WiFi can be unreliable, we strongly advise against relying on it for your virtual event. Using an Ethernet cable to access the Internet is much better and it is greatly stable. To assist you with such issues, an expert team is necessary. Conducting events in prime locations like Ahmedabad can be challenging, hence getting expert training with a prominent best event management institute in Ahmedabad can be a great option to ace all your events.

Lack of Rehearsal

You must practice using your technology before your event if you want to feel truly at ease with it. Try out the platform you intend to use. Is it properly streaming? How fast is your internet access? You can reduce day-of interference by checking the streaming capabilities of your computer as well. Conducting enough rehearsal with all your virtual setup will let you know if any possible technical issues will arise during the actual event. This will help you work on those mistakes for a smooth event. 

Choose An Appropriate Event Management Software

Choosing the appropriate software partner for your virtual event is crucial. To ensure that any issues you may have can be resolved quickly, choose a company with excellent customer and maintenance support who will be available at all time during the event if you face any technical problems in the event.

Conclusion  Working with an event management company that has extensive expertise in presenting virtual events like NIEM India is another approach to guarantee the success of your virtual event. NIEM India has conducted huge events throughout India and provides an excellent event management MBA in Ahmedabad that will give you exposure in most of the big events in India. Get in touch with us today to become a certified professional event manager for skyrocketing your event career!

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