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NIEM teaches How to become an successful Event Manager !!

The industry of event management has seen a steep rise in the recent decades and this rise is, in a way, a natural consequence of the country’s economic growth. With a rising economy, the country has seen a steady rise in the number of mega-events and given their scale and the desire of the organizers to make them successful has given a lot of opportunities to event managers. However, in order to handle big events effectively, one needs a professional training and such training is provided by the Institute of Event Management in Ahmedabad. This institute offers a number of courses that are meant to train the individuals in all aspects of event management.

The Institute of Event Management offers five courses on event management, namely, diploma and a post-graduate diploma in event management; a post-graduate diploma in advertising, media, and event management; BBA in event management; MBA in event management. Each course offers a different level of expertise in the field of event management. However, in spite of the differences in the course material of these subjects, they all aim towards the same goal of making their students the best event managers in the country. They do this by training them in all the aspects of event management, such as event marketing, event production, event planning, event accounting, and much more.

Apart from the field related knowledge, the thing that contributes most to the success of an event manager is the soft skills. The Institute of Event Management in Ahmedabad understands this and therefore train their students in gaining necessary soft skills like good communications skills, handling public relations, etc.

An event management course is essentially incomplete if there is no emphasis on practical training. In this regard, the course offered at NIEM is far from incomplete as the students taking this course spend a great deal of their time in practicing with real-life scenarios.

In this manner, NIEM helps its students in becoming a successful and a competent event manager.

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