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5 Problems That Could Ruin Your Hybrid Event

The trend of hosting hybrid events might have gathered your attention. Although online events are advantageous, several individuals like to stick to the in-person setup. It has resulted in the emergence of hybrid events. As a trainee in an institute of event management Ahmedabad, you will learn the way to arrange a hybrid event. However, while managing this type of

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5 Important Trends That Every Event Planner Should Know

Event organizers witnessed disruptions and uncertainties in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. Lockdowns have forced companies to host events online. As a potential event manager, you may have heard about multi-day and multi-session events of different sizes and formats. Thus, everything has become highly challenging for event organizers. Still, to manage a big event efficiently, you can join

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Top 3 Strategies for Creating FOMO for Your Event

FOMO stands for fear of missing out, and it is highly relevant in the event management industry. Professional event organisers have chosen it as one of the tools to trigger a psychological reaction of attendees. As an event manager, you need to make the target audience feel that the event will provide a big opportunity. Let attendees understand that they

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How To Improve Event Management Process?

Several candidates dream of becoming event managers. However, without proper training, it is not easy to get established as a professional event manager. You can reach your career goals by joining the best event management courses Pune. A reliable training program enables you to acquire knowledge and skills. But, although you have undergone training, you may feel confused at the beginning

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Exciting Career Opportunities After Event Management Course

Managing an event is similar to managing a project. It can range from concerts and Olympics to birthday and wedding parties. An event manager needs to oversee these things to let everything run smoothly. With brand building, event designing, marketing, and some other skills, you can choose event management as your career. Register with an event management program to get trained as

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