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The useful 5 ways to Ace your Upcoming Event Management Interview

There are various options that youngsters can choose for their career. Every industry is vast and there are now international event management course and training that prepare you for particular job requirements.

It has been observed that over the last few years, the events industry has certainly gained impulse due to the persistent drive by marketing campaigns. Event management gives you several occasions to show your creativity. It includes envision, creativity, perfect planning, technical know-how and synchronisation.

This industry has vast scope for your career also. The personal interview process is one of the most important hurdles in the way of making career. The purpose of conducting the Interview is to determine whether your passion and aims match that of the industry you have chosen or not.

Here are 5 simple ways to crack your event management interview:

1. Justify the reason:

For the interview, you must have 3 reasons to answer why you chose to become an Event Planner. This is critical as the Interviewer expects students to see this career field to a higher end and not only for getting the job. With your answers you would be able to justify your intention of choosing the field of event planner as a career, for e.g. Reason 1 is: (i) Event management is a career you can take anywhere in the world. (ii) It is full of varieties (iii) You can work as a freelance event planner.

2. How you can benefit the society:

If you are having an extra-curricular record, will make you more credible even when you are not so good in academics. You must share if you have ever organised an event in your community. You can explain the ways which can benefit the society such as giving guidance on topics through a blog or a website and giving tips on tourist’s destinations. You must come forward as an individual who has actually done something for the benefit of society no matter how small the effort is and must relate it to your educational background.

3. Contribution to growth:

You must have answer to why have you chosen this particular line of study and how you can make the best use of it in making a contribution to the growth of the economy. Suppose you are from an arts background. Find out through the internet and talk of the potential of professional event management and what you feel are its drawbacks or deficiencies as compared to the international scenario, and how having a background in arts gives you a flair for such a career which you intend to make more professional by becoming a qualified Event Manager.

4. Collaboration is Crucial :

An event planner must have excellent communication and time management skills. You must also have the ability to estimate fast and cope with stressful situations. The interviewer may ask you about the different ways of extending collaboration with the client. It is the most crucial factor in a successful outcome.

5. Responsibilities of an Event Planner:

The event management industry is an exceptionally demanding one. It is necessary to be able to multitasking.

The following would be anticipated from you as an event planner:

  • Development, production and delivery of projects

  • Ensuring that all events are delivered within deadline with expected results and within the budget communicated to the client

  • Maintaining and developing relationship with client

  • Managing relations with supplier

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