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Exploring event management careers: understanding an event manager's salary potential

What is the Salary of An Event Manager 

Planning and executing events for a variety of clients, including businesses, non-profit groups, and people, is the exciting and dynamic professional path of event management. If you are considering working as an event manager, you might be curious about the salary range. This blog will examine the possible event management jobs salary and the variables that may impact your pay.  

But first, let’s get into the depth of event management to understand it more efficiently.  

  • What is Event Management?  

The process of organising various public and private events for social or professional goals is known as event management. They might be big or small events, and they can include press conferences, business conventions, training seminars, industry conferences, trade exhibitions, ceremonies, parties, and parties. Event managers are required to work within a set budget and timetable as well as the instructions of their clients. They must work with several vendors to set up the events. Many organisations regularly conduct various types of events as part of their business operations. It can be challenging to organise an event because it calls for a variety of abilities and specialised expertise. Understanding how event management functions can assist organisations in allocating adequate time and resources to it.  

  • Skills for Event Managers  

To meet the needs of their job, event managers need to possess a specific set of abilities. For event managers, the capacity to remain composed under pressure is essential. They also require the following skills: 

  • Organisational skills  
  • Planning skills  
  • Interpersonal skills  
  • Communication skills  
  • Creative and problem-solving skills  
  • Technological skills  
  • Multitasking skills  
  • Negotiation skills  


  • Income Potential as an Event Manager  

According to Ambition Box, the average yearly salary for event manager in India is about ₹ 3.9 LPA. However, pay can vary greatly depending on several variables, such as your level of expertise, where you work, and the kinds of events you oversee.  

An event planning salary is greatly influenced by experience. You might anticipate a rise in pay as you work on your industry reputation and obtain more expertise. Event managers with less than ten years of experience can make as much as ₹ 5.6 LPA annually, while those with more than ten years of experience can earn as much as ₹ 10 Lac annually.  

Various elements that impact the salary package of an Event Manager:  

  • Event location: A significant element that may have an impact on your event management compensation is location. The cost of living in your area and the demand for event organisers there will significantly affect your salary. Event managers in big cities may typically expect to make more money than those in small towns.  
  • Event Type: Your prospective income as an event organiser may also depend on the kinds of events you organise. For instance, planning huge business events like conferences or product launches might be more lucrative than organising smaller events like weddings or birthday celebrations. Additionally, due to their experience, event organisers who specialise in niche sectors, such as sporting events or concerts, can earn higher wages.  
  • Added commissions or incentives for organising an event exceptionally: Event managers may also receive incentives or commissions on top of their standard pay depending on how well their events go. For instance, if a huge corporate event is well managed, the event manager might be rewarded with a bonus depending on the event’s attendance or income.  
  • Self-employed Event Manager: It’s crucial to keep in mind that the earning potential for event managers might vary greatly depending on whether you are a self-employed person or work for a corporation. Event organisers who work for themselves may have more flexibility and control over their income, but they also run the risk of greater unpredictability.  


An event manager’s earning potential might vary significantly depending on a range of variables, including their expertise, location, and the types of events they oversee. You may boost your earning potential as an event manager and have a fulfilling career by growing your expertise and reputation in the field.  

About NIEM:   

NIEM India (National Institute of Event Management) is one of India’s best and most prestigious event management institutes. The comprehensive curriculum, industry-focused training, and knowledgeable teachers at NIEM India give students the tools they need to succeed in a career in event management. Offering systematic training and instruction in this area, the Institute satisfies the constantly expanding expectations of the broad event management business.    

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